Property Marketing Stages

  • 1. Preparing Your Home
  • 2. Media Creation
  • 3. Network Marketing
  • 4. Direct Marketing To Buyers
  • 5. Showcasing Your Home

Stage 1:
Preparing Your Home​

De-cluttering Your Home

To maximize visual appeal, your home should appear clean and tidy, with clutter and personal effects out of sight.​

We can assist you with a cleaning team or with professional organizers if necessary.




We have partnered with Home Staging Professionals that can completely redecorate and furnish your home to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers.​



Partial Staging

If a complete staging is not practical, we can offer “partial” staging which combines your existing furniture with added pieces and updated décor.​



Traffic Flow

Accessing your home for areas of traffic flow is an important step. We look for ample lighting, safe open layout, and ease of movement.​



Professional Cleaners

The final touch is to have your home professionally cleaned to give your home a polished look. A deep clean can make something old look as good as new.​



Stage 2:
Media Creation

Floor Plan & Measurements

Our media designers will start with a detailed floor plan so potential buyers can better visualize your space.​

Professional Photography

We only use professional photographers that have an eye for detail and can highlight your home’s best features.​

Printed Brochures

Featured images are then combined with an appealing write-up to create an attractive brochure for distribution.​


We will create an online video featuring your home and surrounding neighbourhood. The video can come with only music in the background or with a voice-over description. In some cases, sound may be translated or transcribed into a foreign language.

3D Interactive Video Tour

A 3D interactive video tour can allow “virtual visitors” into your home. By moving and clicking the mouse, visitors can get an immersive experience from their screen.

Neighbourhood Drops

If the timeframe allows, We will do a “Neighbourhood Drops” to houses in your area to inform local traffic.​

Stage 3:
INTEGRATED marketing

MLS© Reciprocity Program

We are members of the REBGV, CREA, BCREA and the MLS© reciprocity program so your listing will be shared on thousands of real estate search engines and websites.​

Integrated Marketing

We have a dedicated Digital Marketing team that integrates all aspects of advertising your home for sale.​

Social Media

We post on major Social Media networks to maximize “word of mouse” and as well as popular search directories such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Website Landing Page

A dedicated landing page will feature your home details on our website which will be the center for visits, inquiries, and google searches.​


We analyze and fine-tune our marketing efforts for best results.

Stage 4:
Direct marketing to buyers


A “For Sale” sign will be posted in front of your property to advertise to neighbours and local traffic.​

Other Sutton Agents

Even before your listing goes public, we will inform over 400+ Sutton Centre Agents about your property.​

Client Database

We have established a database of over 500 client contacts over the years. Your property will sent to those whom have opted into our email newsletters.

Community Meetup Groups

We do regular educational webinars through Meetup Groups and Facebook Events and have created communities consisting of developers, investors, and market followers. Potential buyers may be among our communities.

Stage 5:
Showcasing your home

Open Houses & Showings

We will host open houses for a public showing or a series of one-to-one appointments, which ever you feel most comfortable with. In some cases we will host a private “Agent’s Open” for realtors only.​

Telephone Follow-Up

After keeping track of parties who have seen your home, we do telephone follow-ups with buyers’ realtors to entertain the idea of submitting an offer.

Offer Presentation

Our favorite part is presenting an offer (or offers) and advising you if it is a good offer or not. Ultimately the decision is yours.